Discover The Benefits Of Invisalign

Invisalign is the discreet way to achieve a beautiful, straight smile. This innovative teeth straightening system moves the teeth using clear aligner trays that are practically invisible. In Lake Mary, FL, Invisalign is available at Lake Mary Dental, where Dr. Ravi Lall can help you transform your smile.

How Invisalign Straightens Teeth

Invisalign utilizes aligner trays to move and straighten teeth. The trays gently exert pressure on the teeth to nudge them in the desired direction. Multiple sets of two aligner trays, one for each row of teeth, are worn throughout treatment. A set of trays is worn for only a few weeks before being replaced with the next set. Each set of trays helps straighten the teeth even more and move them closer to their final position. The aligner trays are custom-made for each patient.

The Invisalign system works for both adults and teens who desire straighter teeth. It can also help address other orthodontic issues, such as closing small gaps between teeth or correcting minor crowding and bite issues. More severe orthodontic problems are best treated with traditional braces. The experienced dentist at our dental office in Lake Mary, FL, can determine if Invisalign is the right option for addressing your smile concerns.

Advantages of Invisalign

The Invisalign system has many advantages and benefits that make it a popular choice among patients for achieving a beautiful, straight smile. Invisalign’s advantages include:

Discreet: Invisalign’s aligner trays are made from clear material so they are practically invisible to others.

Comfortable: The custom aligner trays fit comfortably over the teeth without any rough or hard surfaces to poke and irritate the mouth because they are made of soft, flexible plastic.

Removable: Invisalign’s trays can be temporarily removed for up to two hours each day without compromising treatment.

Improved Oral Hygiene: Brushing and flossing teeth are both significantly easier since the aligner trays can be removed to do so. There is nothing to interfere with performing your daily oral hygiene routine.

Fewer Food Restrictions: Since the aligner trays can be removed to eat, patients can enjoy a wider range of foods during treatment without the risk of damaging the aligners or getting food stuck in them.

Protection Against Teeth Grinding: Since the trays are worn over the teeth, they protect teeth grinding for patients affected by bruxism.

There are numerous benefits to discover with Invisalign. One of the most exciting is how completely discreet this teeth-straightening system is. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Lall to learn more about straightening your smile with Invisalign by calling Lake Mary Dental in Lake Mary, FL, at (407) 330-3801.

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